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The Prophet of Allah (s.a.w.s) said: the believers are like one body. When one of the limbs aches, the whole body responds to it with sleeplessness and fever. (Muslim)

By this publication we announce the beginning of the campaign in support Muslims of Tatarstan, which continue to be exposed to inhuman tortures from hands of security officers.

By the present moment since November, 2013 when arrests began, through the conveyor of tortures passed dozens of Muslims from the different cities of Tatarstan.

However, some guys still under arrest, still are exposed to inhuman tortures, because security officers decided "to appoint" them terrorists!

So, to one of our brothers injured a backbone, beat off kidney and then he was connected to an artificial kidney. To another brother– cut off genitals!

Connecting electricity to genitals and other parts of body, suffocations, attempts of rape is already the ordinary tortures for our brothers in Tatarstan!

The only requirement of monsters to our brothers – to slander themselves and other arrested Muslims.

It is necessary for police officers to collect evidential base to accuse dozens of Muslims in crimes which they didn't make.

Below we show the list of brothers who are under arrest and are exposed to inhuman tortures:
Zaripov Raphael, Galeyev Almaz, Sabirov Marat were born in 1978, Sitdikov Ayrat born in 1978, Martianov Michael was born in 1991, Shaidullin Rais, Mukhlisov Danil, born 1992, Trofimchik Stas was born 1987, Gafurov Ruslan, Dmitry Kudryavtsev, Zamaliev Rail, Suleimanov Ramil, Vafin Ildar, Ohunov Nadir Oli, Nurgaleev Almaz.

Each of them is forced to admit and slander coreligionists in crimes. We are categorically sure of it.
And even more, we know why these people were chosen by security officers as victims of fabrication.
The fact that all these guys have been convicted for various crimes before accepted or practicing Islam.
It is always simpler to make such people guilty.
But lawlessness of the authorities didn't stop on arrests and tortures in anything not guilty Muslims.
In response to active actions on protection native and husbands, wives and relatives of our brothers were subjected to the strongest pressure.
Moreover, in response to actions on protection of brothers in January, 2014, The Republican Investigative Committee organized a new series of searches and arrests throughout all Tatarstan!
And it against two more criminal cases brought on the 62-year-old Kazan journalist Ilmir Imayev and on the 64-year-old leader of the Tatar national movement to Fauziya Bayramova who bravely opposed the torture of Muslims!
Thus, the authorities try to prevent Muslims to protect the brothers in faith.

We encourage all Muslims and just people who have a sense of justice, to support our campaign!
The slogan of our campaign: "Stand on the protection Muslims of Tatarstan»
Our proposed requirement "Stop the torture!"
«Stop fabricating criminal case!»
«Punish executioners in uniform involved in tortures!»
«No genocide of Muslims»

1.We encourage all sincere journalists and public figures, politicians and imams, all, whose word can affect, to speak out publicly his position on the fact that happens to Muslims of Tatarstan, to oppose lawlessness and injustice!
2.We encourage each of social network users to take a picture with a poster, which will be expressed indignation that happening against to Muslims of Tatarstan!
3.We encourage everyone who can record a video message to support brothers in Tatarstan
4.We encourage everyone to place images with campaign symbolics on avatars of accounts on social networks, and also in groups and public pages!
5.We ask to help as much as possible in disseminating information about our campaign and increasing the number of supported it, as by social networks (repost), and usual ways. ( tell to familiar people, relatives, ask them to support campaign)!
6.Ask imams of mosques on Friday sermons to tell to believers that happens with Muslims of Tatarstan, what tests they pass for their faith

We ask all of you, do not be indifferent! Because our indifference facilitates " Uniformed werewolves " to commit crimes concerning our brothers and sisters!
The sincere and devout brothers and sisters! The God has ordered us to fear only Him and help Muslims who are in trouble
We urge you to make Dua and help our exhausted brothers from torture in the Republic of Tatarstan.

Hoping for help from Allah, wait from you photos and videos with the above requirements!

May Allah reward you!

Источник: golosislama.com

Метки: пытки, Татарстан

Комментарии (3)

Аватар muslim1 (60)14.02.2014 в 15:08#75868
умма одна во всем мире!
Аватар abualim (43)14.02.2014 в 16:12#75880
Ассаламу Алейкум дорогие Братья и Сестры!!!
Ради Аллаха распространите это англоязычным единоверцам!!!
Ваш брат Тагир.
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